Reporting Misconduct

Oxfam has a zero-tolerance approach to exploitation, abuse, fraud and corruption. We encourage you to confidentially report misconduct below.

Confidentially Report Misconduct

At Oxfam, it is vital that everyone who works for us maintains the highest standards of conduct, integrity and ethics, and complies with local legislation.

If you suspect that misconduct has, or is about to occur, we encourage you to communicate your suspicions without fear of reprisal and in the knowledge that you will be protected from victimization and/or dismissal.

All reports are confidential, and we will only share the details with the appropriate team members to progress your complaint. Reporters, survivors and complainants can choose to stay anonymous throughout the process.

You can report misconduct in the following ways:

How the incident reporting process works

We commit to engage with everyone involved and to act as swiftly as possible to conclude all cases. However, the timeline may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the complaint.

  1. 1. Report incident is filed

    You will be asked to provide detailed information when filing the report. If you prefer, identify that you would like to remain anonymous.

  2. 2. Assessment

    If your report relates to safeguarding, fraud or other misconduct, a specialist team will be assigned. Caring and protection measures are put in place for survivors and witnesses.

  3. 3. Case management

    The specialist team will assess the information provided and determine whether to proceed with an investigation, and who should be involved. An investigation will be started, if appropriate.

  4. 4. Outcome

    Progress reports are issued with recommendations. Once the investigation is concluded, decisions will be made on appropriate measures to be implemented. You will be kept updated from time to time throughout this process.

  5. 5. Closing

    All records related to the case, including lessons learned, are documented and stored in a secure system. You will be informed when your case has been concluded.

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