Campaign With Us

Contribute to an Oxfam campaign and use your voice to create change.

Together We Campaign For Change

We want a just and safe world for everyone. Together, we can create global change and make real progress against poverty and inequality.

Your Voice Is Needed

Join us to challenge the systems that perpetuate inequality and keep people trapped in poverty.

Our campaigns are based on decades of evidence from our long-term development and humanitarian work in 87 countries around the world. We work with thousands of local partners and women's rights organizations who in turn reach millions of people via their work each year.

Our local partners advise us on where advocacy and campaigning can add most value. Together, we change the laws and practices that keep people trapped in poverty.

Join us and take action on some of the world's most urgent inequality issues.

Climate Justice

Climate change is hitting the most vulnerable people on the planet the hardest. We believe we can build a world where all people and the planet can thrive.

What She Makes

Help us hold Canadian fashion brands accountable, push for living wages and end the exploitation of the women who make our clothes. Learn how you can make brands rethink #WhatSheMakes now isn't fair.

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