Oxfam Unwrapped: Not Your Everyday Gift Shop

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Oxfam Unwrapped: Not Your Everyday Gift Shop

by Oxfam Canada | December 11, 2023
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Photo: Emmanuel Museruka/Oxfam

Looking for a gift-giving program that not only celebrates special moments but also empowers individuals and supports entire communities worldwide?

Look no further than Oxfam Unwrapped: the online store that allows you to contribute to a cause close to your heart, all while positively impacting the lives of those in need.

Not Your Everyday Gift Shop

What sets the Oxfam Unwrapped store apart is our dual-purpose approach. It’s a fresh and engaging approach to meaningful gift-giving that spreads awareness about the global issues Oxfam tackles head-on.

Here, you get to be a real change-maker: with every gift purchased, you're not only supporting an end to poverty and injustice; you're fostering empowerment, self-sufficiency and autonomy, especially among women and children.

Top 3 gifts in the 2023 Catalogue

Oxfam's 2024 Calendar

The Oxfam 2024 calendar highlights all of the beautiful countries, campaigns, and individuals that  donors were integral in supporting!  Each month of the calendar features a moment of positive impact we’ve shared together - during a time of conflict, famine, attacks on gender equality, and the ongoing climate crisis. Together we continue to work towards equality and justice, which is fundamental to eradicating poverty in the 80 plus countries where Oxfam works. The donation from the purchase of each calendar will help us create a future in which everyone can thrive, not just survive.

When you give the gift of a calendar, it comes with a "gift of peace" card you can personalize for the recipient. The calendar and card are mailed together – making this a tangible gift in more ways than one.

Cash Vouchers

Sometimes, when people are in crisis, the best support we can offer is financial. Emergency cash vouchers have the most impact on community members made vulnerable by environmental disasters, displaced by conflict and war, or experiencing gender-based violence.

Cash vouchers place power and decision-making into people's own hands. They provide financial relief to survivors or households for up to six months. The money can be used for nutritious food, tools, clean water, medication or anything else people might need.

Giving the gift of cash means you are empowering people to make their own decisions about what they need most.

Safe Water

For families facing a disaster or communities without a nearby supply, access to safe, clean water is life-saving. Water pipes, pumps and hygiene training help families keep healthy. And, because your gift also cuts the time people spend fetching water, they’ll have more time to spend making a living or caring for their families. This gift is essential to our disaster response programs. The water filters, tap stands and plastic water tanks that make up this gift can supply water to 1,000 people a day. This gift supports our Saving Lives Projects.

This gift is perfect for someone who cares about people affected by disasters and appreciates that water is life.

So, How Does it Work?

That’s easy:

VISIT: unwrapped.oxfam.ca

SHOP: Browse and select the various symbolic gift options, each with a brief description of the impact it will make.

PERSONALIZE IT: Choose the type of card you’d like to send to a loved one (e-card, pdf, or print card). You can even add your own personal message!

CHANGE THE WORLD: Proceed to the checkout knowing that you’re helping Oxfam build a more equal future.

What is Symbolic Giving?

Symbolic gifts are more than gestures — they are real, tangible items used in Oxfam's programs, ensuring that every contribution you make directly transforms the lives of those who need it most. Our main goal is to make sure that every dollar raised through Unwrapped has the biggest impact possible, aiming to create a significant change in the lives of people facing poverty all around the globe.

This unique gift-giving experience isn't limited to individual supporters, either: corporations, schools, and organizations frequently turn to Oxfam Unwrapped to champion social responsibility, motivating their employees, students, or members to give gifts that make a meaningful impact.

It's not just a store; it's a doorway to a brighter future for those who really need it.  What are you waiting for? Shop unwrapped now!

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