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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Everyone—women and girls and men and boys in all their diversity—should have the right to health information and services to make informed decisions about their bodies and lead fulfilling lives.

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The Best Measure of Our Impact Is in These Stories

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are at the heart of the most critical decisions that all people, particularly women and girls, will ever make in their lives. These may include deciding when or if to marry, how long to continue their education, and determining the number of children to have or whether to have children at all. But millions of women and girls around the world do not get to make these choices freely. Poor health services and information limit their freedoms — and put their lives at risk.

For girls aged 15 to 19, complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the second leading cause of death worldwide.

Our stories of change illustrate just how life-changing it is to prioritize sexual and reproductive health and rights. When women and girls are given the tools they need to make informed decisions about their bodies, their choices can have far-reaching effects on their families, education, work, and entire communities. We're proud to work alongside local organizations and institutional entities to ensure that women and girls have the support they need to assert their rights and build better lives.

Stories of Change

Curbing Teenage Pregnancies Through Education in the Philippines

A young woman from the Philippines wearing a grey shirt and blue facemask holds a microphone while standing beside a wall covered in Post-it notes of various colours. The handwritten notes on the wall are related to reproductive health and services.

How Sharing Information on Safe Abortion is Transforming Lives in Rural Mozambique

A group of people, primarily Black women wearing colourful clothing, giving their back to the camera, sit outside, surrounded by trees. They listen to an instructor who stands before them, presenting a sheet of paper displaying an image.

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