KENT KCTP-F10 for pad printing is a compact bench top laser engraver with a powerful 20W fiber laser.

  • Up to 250 lpi resolution solid prints
  • 175 lpi for half-tone 4 color process images
  • Long plate life up to 30,000 prints*
  • Powerful IPG 20W fiber laser head
  • Eco-friendly: eliminates film positive, alcohol, acid and chemicals
  • Quick graphic setup and engraving
  • Multiple images per plate, cut plate costs
  • Eyes protection window
  • Granite stone platform ensures precise engraving accuracy
  • Precision “dead-on” platform inline with any KENT printer
  • Handy linking to laptop computer through USB plug
  • Laser:

    IPG Fiber laser 20W

  • Wavelength:

    1060 nm

  • Software:

    Included interface:

  • English, German, Japanese and Chinese

  • Support:

    win7 (32 & 64 bit), win10, win11, win12

  • Handle files:

    .ai, .dxf, .tiff, .plt, .eps ...

  • Min. line width:

    0.03 mm

  • Min. character size:

    0.2 mm

  • Plate size:

    Standard: 100x250 mm

  • Optional: 80x160, 150x300, 150x350 mm

  • Data transfer:

    USB 2.0

  • Engraving area:

    100x100 mm

  • Cooling:

    Air cool

  • Size (LxWxH):

    425 x 836 x 502 mm

  • Weight:

    70 kg

  • Fume extractor

*Please note that actual output may be affected by print requirement, ink drying condition, load,unload arrangement, pad stroke speed, pad hardness, production setup, product quality and production control.

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